Farmville Catch Gopher Garden Flower Crops Guide

By | June 4, 2012

Are you ready capturing gophers with treats in farmville gopher garden for new flowers crop ?

gophers are here ! catch gophers and win rewards 🙂 so make sure you know how to capture gophers in farmville

simple tips for this gopher garden feature :
Place the buildable Gopher Garden on your farm, ask for Treats or grab them off the News Feed.
Plant crops Then watch for Gophers to pop up on your Farm.
Grab the Gopher to collect Rewards and Seeds for Special Flower Crops!

guide how gopher garden works in farmville :
1. place a gopher garden
– capture gophers get sent to the gopher garden
– keep track of your gophers, treats, and rewards

2. ask for gopher treats
– ask your friends for gopher treats
– use treats to lure gophers into the gopher garden

you will need gopher treat to catch these poppers :
Dolly Hill Gopher, Donny Dangerous Gopher, Natalia Grey Gopher, Money Bags Gopher, Maria Sicilliano Gopher, Dirty Jack Julep Gopher, Dirty Carter Gopher, Rick Overdrive Gopher and the Studly Duke Gopher
gopher gopher gopher gopher gopher gopher gopher gopher gopher

3. capture gophers
– pesky gophers can appear on farm plots when you work your land
– click on a gopher before it gets away
– capture gophers with treats to win great rewards and unlock new crops

4. upgrade your gopher garden
– capture more gophers to upgrade your gopher garden
– upgrade gopher gardens unlock new gophers with better rewards and more storage space for treats

unlock special flower crops from gopher :
sundew-plant walking-iris pitcher-plant spiral-flower dragon-flower
sundew plant – 4 hours (2000 coins, 5 XP)
walking iris – 8 hours (1500 coins, 4 XP)
pitcher plant – 12 hours (1250 coins, 3 XP)
spiral flower – 18 hours (1000 coins, 1 XP)
dragon flower – 1 day (1000 coins, 2 XP)

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