Farmville Catching Fire Quests Fireflies With Zoologist Dave

By | June 29, 2012

Catch some fireflies with zoologist dave to enjoy summer time in farmville catching fire quests !

some missions rewards you can get :
Firefly Sheep, Firefly Cow, Mystery Game Dart, Firefly Gnome
Book of XP, Firefly Lamp, Mystery Game Dart, Firefly Sign, Firefly Horse

goal 1: Farmville Catching Fire Quest
Get 4 Firefly Nets
Harvest 50 Blueberries
harvest 2 Cow Pastures

goal 2: Farmville Lighting in a Jar Quest
Get 6 Firefly Jars
Harvest 75 Aloa Vera
Harvest Firefly Sheep Twice

goal 3: Farmville Feeding the Fire Quest
Get 8 Firefly Food
Harvest 100 Eggplants
Harvest Firefly Cow Twice

goal 4: Farmville Read All About It Quest
Get 9 Firefly Books
Harvest 125 Peanuts
Craft 1 Farmhand

goal 5: Farmville The Red Ones Quest
Get 9 Red Fireflies
Harvest 150 Soybeans
Master Firefly Sheep to 1-Star

goal 6: Farmville The Green Ones Quest
Get 9 Green Fireflies
Harvest 150 Grapes
Craft 1 Arborist

goal 7: Farmville The Yellow Ones Quest
Get 10 Yellow Fireflies
Harvest 150 Peppers
Master Firefly Cow to 1-Star

goal 8: Farmville Neat Trick Quest
Get 11 Firefly Globes
Harvest 150 Red Tulips
Harvest Horse Paddock 3 Times

goal 9: Farmville Horse Fly Quest
Get 12 Firefly Signs
Harvest 150 Squash
Craft 1 Fertilize All

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