Farmville Chicken Coop

By | November 13, 2009

Farmville Chicken Coop. Chicken Coops are now available in FarmVille! This Building That Matters is a little different than the Dairy Farm, so keep reading to find out more information 🙂

Chicken Coops can be purchased for 5000 Coins from the Marketplace. Chicken Coops are also a Giftable Item, so make sure to ask your friends to send you one if you don’t wish to purchase it.

Chicken Coops can be used once every 24 hours and will yield the sum of all of the Chickens stored within. (For example: if 10 Chickens are placed in the Chicken Coops, and are harvestable for 6 coins apiece, you will receive 60 coins.)

Once your Chicken Coop reaches 100%, it is ready for Harvest. When Harvesting your Chicken Coop, you have a chance to receive a “Mystery Egg“.

Mystery Eggs can be White, Brown, Black or Golden. If you receive a Mystery Egg, you will see a pop-up that allows you to post a feed to your wall. This pop-up will also tell you what type of egg you received.

Once you post the feed to your wall, up to 5 of your friends can click on the feed. These friends will receive various items, including different colored chickens!

Please note that you can only have one Chicken Coop on your farm!
If a player receives multiple Chicken coops, the additional Chicken Coops will become Chickens that can be used on your Farm.


To place a chicken in the Chicken Coop, click on a chicken, and select the “Move” option. You will then be able to hover the chicken over your Chicken Coop and release it. When the chicken is hovered over the Chicken Coop, the Chicken Coop will light up with a yellow outline.
To remove a chicken from your Chicken Coop, click on your ‘Dairy Farm’, and select “Remove Chicken

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  • Anna

    Do you think they will eventually let us have more then one chicken coop?

    • admin

      well i think someday they will… someday 🙂

  • ANOd

    I have 4 chicken coops on my farm.

  • Mike

    How did you do that to get 4 chicken coops?

  • Gina

    Yeah, how did you do it? I have a chicken coop on my farm in farmville, and i have 1, (there were 2 before i sold it…) but it won’t save after i put the egg on my farm

  • Gina

    Ok, reading my comment, i can tell that i am exhausted… what i was trying to say was that i have a chicken coop on my farm, and there is 1 chicken coup (there were 2 before i sold one)… when i put the coop from my gift box onto my farm, it goes out of sync, or it won’t save. So, what should i do?

  • luetta

    i know 2 players that have 5 and 6 chickens coops i think it would be nice if the other players could but at least 2 ckicken coops

  • Magdalena

    How about another chicken coop. I have expanded mine several times but I still have 35 chickens running around.