Farmville Choose 0 Friends To Send Present

By | December 27, 2010

Do you get any Farmville Choose 0 friends to send this present to problems when redeem prizes from holiday tree ?

can’t send Free Gifts in farmville

zynga already marked this error as ‘KNOWN ISSUE‘ but still there’s no fix solution yet 🙁

one of farmville players, emtopp have this problems too and here’s the story :
I had the same thing happen to me yesterday – saved up enough gifts for the Stallion, redeemed and wanted to gift to my SIL who doesn’t have many neighbors and… “Choose 0 friends to send this present to!”

Here’s the good news part :
I took a screenshot
Opened a ticket here :
Explained what happened, uploaded the screenshot, gave my SIL’s name and FB ID and asked them to put the Stallion in her giftbox…
And it only took 1 day for them to respond.