Farmville Chop The Wood Quests Help Hiro become a Master

By | July 16, 2012

Help Hiro become a Master start with farmville chop the wood quests ! total 6 parts of jade falls chapter vii quest
Hiro doesn’t realize that he need to do all the training and guide from master lu, so help him ready to master the training 🙂

missions rewards :
Jade Falls Martial Arts Costume, Sensei Pig, Shuriken Tree
Banzai Ewe, Asian Windmill, Shinobi Turtle

jade falls chapter 7 goals walkthrough :

Goal 1: Farmville Chop the Wood Quest
Get 6 Wood Axe
Harvest 10 Grouper
Make 3 Hamachi Maki

Goal 2: Farmville Brush Up Brush Down Quest
Get 8 Paint Brush
Harvest 25 Lotus
Make 3 Bao

Goal 3: Farmville Roll Out Roll In Quest
Get 8 Rolling Pin
Harvest 25 Sichuan Pepper
Harvest the Sensei Pig Twice

Goal 4: Farmville Walk the Dog Quest
Get 8 Dog Leash
Harvest 12 Nori
Make 4 Bibimbap

Goal 5: Farmville Sweep Left Sweep Right Quest
Get 9 Broom
Harvest 30 Imperial Tea
Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 5

Goal 6: Farmville All is Revealed Quest
Get 10 Pine Board
Master Sensei Pig
Make 4 Oolong Tea

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