Farmville Christmas Tree Lost Delete Disappeared

By | December 5, 2009

Farmville Christmas Tree Lost Delete Disappeared. Did your holiday tree disappeared ? Either you a I accidentally sold your christmas tree (directly from the gift box) or you had a xmas tree but when farmville enhanced, my tree disappeared ?

Now you wonder how i can get christmas tree back ?

Well after searching and asking, i found the solution on zynga forum on farmville discussion thread πŸ™‚ credits to xtremeddx.

Here is the reply I got from Customer Support after filling out a ticket about how I placed my tree on my farm and after the “Farmville has been enhanced” message I returned to my farm to not have a tree.

I did the steps, did not get my tree and promptly filled out a new ticket. I’m not confident that the Holiday Trees will be replaced due to bug-related issues.

Thank you for contacting Zynga Customer Support.

The “FarmVille has been enhanced” message that you are experiencing is a pesky little bug affecting many of our users that we are working hard to fix.

If we weren’t big into organic produce we’d probably just douse your farm in pesticides, but for safety’s sake we’ve decided to track this bug down on our own.

Thanks for bearing with us while we sort this out, we hope to have this resolved for you shortly.

However as a workaround please follow the link and check whether you get the lost item.

Answer Title : Loading/Connection Troubleshooting 101
Answer Link :


So if your tree is disappeard please filled out a new ticket for zynga and tell them about this problem πŸ™‚ You will get your tree back. See it here Zynga Support Ticket.

or you can post your UID on farmville forum, because there’re a lot of players that lost their tree too

Updated : now you can purchase holiday tree for 10 coins on the market πŸ™‚
however there’s only 1 limit for the christmas tree, so if you already have 1 you can’t purchased it again πŸ˜›

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  • Ginger

    My tree also disappeared off my farm after the message “out of sync” appeared. Now I can’t get a another tree and I can’t place any of my gifts. I want a new one if possible. HELP!!!

    • admin

      you can send a ticket to zynga like i told you and tell the problems πŸ™‚

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  • seyed niyas

    my tree is not coming inside my giftbox,but the tree picture is on the left side of the farm,even i am clicking, it is not coming please help me to get my tree soon.thank you.

  • Will

    tree also disappeared off my farm after the message out of sync appeared. Now I can’t get a another tree and I can’t place any of my gifts. I want a new one if possible.

  • Vivien

    can you help me please, because I don’t get how you send a ticket to zynga. Could you please tell me how to send a ticket to zyunga. My email address is If you can reply as soon as possible, that would be really grateful.

  • seyed niyas

    where is my tree i want my tree back soooon

  • ap

    what about if you sold it from the gift box?
    i would buy a new one if I could …

  • Breda

    I cant receive my Christmas Tree

  • danny

    tree also disappeared off my farm after the message out of sync appeared. Now I can’t get a another tree and I can’t place any of my gifts. I want a new one if possible

  • Damo

    hey everytime i refresh, the christmas tree icon is up by da side but when i click on it, my gift box opens but theres no tree in it only presents and when i click on them it says ‘i dont have a tree and to go to my gift box and add one!! when i go back to the gift box then theres nothing only presents there.round in circles! i never got the chance to have a bloody tree!!!!

  • Emma

    I accidently sold my tree! Is it possible I could get another one, please?

  • Jake

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    If you are interested let me know (Email or Contact form on my site) and I will put a link up on my blogroll/outside links. Thanks!


  • thom




  • ANOd

    Please UPDATE your post, christmas tree can by purchased for 10 coins. From market.

    • admin

      updated πŸ™‚ thanks anod

  • ashley

    Farmville sucks. I am reciving so many christmas presents for nothing. I just want a new one and they make it so hard to buy one. “LOCKED”…WTF??
    So my tree was deleted and i cant buy another one? Okay????

  • Gloria Cassidy Saltsman

    I just found where I can retrive my christmas tree that I deleted. I really want it back, please.

  • denise

    I need a holiday tree desperately. How do i get one in February?

  • Shaleeni

    Hi, I deleted my christmas tree, and now i got some presents, how do i get it back???thnx

  • jennene grant

    i dont no how to send message to get my x-mas tree back

  • jags

    I missed my holiday tree.How can i get retrive bac. Because i ‘m having 40gifts to be open.Please help me up in opening these gifts.



  • Sharon Ohls Walburn

    My Christmas tree is gone and I cant use my presents. Please can the staff at zynga help me with this situation.

  • mary

    i have been playing farmville for over a good two years ,,, i dont understand why i have not recieved my tree,, so if i will get my holiday tree that would be great thank you…

  • Keiko

    Hi, please advise how I can get my holiday tree back, my friends sent me presents but can’t open. pls help. Thank you

  • Dylan

    Ok… so it says i have 13 presents in my inbox for my tree but i cant get at themm…

  • Sue

    I deleted my tree. Anyway to get another one?