FarmVille Co-Op Farming

By | March 30, 2010

FarmVille Co-Op Farming :) Does anyone have an idea what farmville means when we go to enter your farm & you get a loading screen that says coming soon co-op farming ?

if you watch the podcast you will know what co op farming is :) Iā€™m sure some of you may have seen our loading screen image teasing the new ā€œCo-op Farmingā€.

so what is farmville co-op farming ?
FarmVille will soon feature new jobs that you can complete with your friends. Here’s how co op farming works :

your neighbors in FarmVille will ask for help completing various farming jobs – “challenges” and you will be able to team up with your friends and Neighbors to tackle these jobs for various rewards.

Each one of these jobs will have a timer. If you and your friends finish the mission before your time expires, you will earn a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal upon completion, depending on how quick and efficient you all were.

The Faster you finish, the better the medal. In addition to this, if you and your Neighbors are savvy enough to earn a Gold Medal, you will unlock a very special prize.

hmm.. i wonder what special prize do you get for co-op farming :)

This new feature is sure to add a very exciting new aspect to a game we all love.

so what do you think of co-op farming on farmville ?

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