FarmVille Colored Chickens

By | November 25, 2009

FarmVille Colored Chickens. Have you collected all the colored chickens from mystery egg ?
brown chicken
black chicken
golden chicken

Well now there’s an easy way to get colored chickens 🙂 with farmville cash.

Yeah now you can purchased the brown, black, and golden chickens with fv cash in the market.
brown chicken 7 fv cash
black chicken 15 fv cash
golden chicken 25 fv cash


When these chickens are stored in a Chicken Coop, they will increase your chance to receive a Rare Mystery Egg!

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  • young jezzy cordero

    can you make the colored chickens gifts in send gifts plz i want one golden chicken ;(

  • magic136123

    yes but how do we make fv easyer now i dont think they have surveys and i dont want to but fv cash how would i get like 25fv if i have 8 or if i had 4 i no leveling up but witch is easyest way?