Farmville Crop Mastery Billboard Parts Links

By | January 7, 2012

Build farmville crop mastery billboard with parts from your friends !

Make sure to upgrade it too, so you can store more mastery signs 🙂

here are the materials liks you need to collect :
light plywood link – white overalls link – black light link
light-plywood white-overalls black-light
white-paper blue-roller white-paste
white paper link – blue roller link – white paste link

here’s the guide for crop mastery billboard :
1. build your crop mastery billboard !
build a billboard to store your crop mastery signs
– ask friends for light plywood, white overalls, and black lights to build your billboard
– use your billboard to display and store your crop masteries
– once built, it holds up to 10 signs

2. expand your crop mastery billboard !
add more parts to increase its store capacity
– use light plywood, white overalls, black lights, white paper, blue rollers, and white paste to expand your billboard
– when fully expanded, it holds 500 signs


3. master more crops !
master more crops to make your billboard look better
– the more crops you master, the better your billboard will look
– if you have multiple billboards, they’ll all look better !

4. unlock your billboard’s full potential
– to unlock the best-looking billboard, you’ll need to expand it fully, and master at least 150 crops

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  • kelly herl

    what if I sold all my mastery signs?