FarmVille Crop Mastery

By | September 30, 2009

FarmVille Crop Mastery / FarmVille Mastery. Farmville just update Crop Mastery, so now each crop will have 3 levels of mastery. With each level of mastery completed, you earn a star and will be rewarded with Farmville coins and XP points.

For one star, you need to complete the mastery number of each crops. Fulfill it with harvesting your crops. For 1 harvest plot, you earn 1 mastery. Collect it until you gain the whole stars 😀 The amount of coins and XP points varies depending on the crop that you are harvesting and the level you’ve mastered.

This Farmville Crop Mastery Guide credits to Reex

The Newest addition to Farmville is Crop Mastery is unlocked after reaching level 10
Much like the “new-ish” ribbons when you have harvested a certain amount of a crop, you get a popup that gives you a coin and xp reward.
there are 3 levels of Crop Mastery to achieve for each plant.

If you open up your market there should be stars under the crops in the when you purchase seeds.

Each crop has an amount of harvests needed to reach each level. the number of plants you need to harvest is determined mainly on the time it takes to grow.
For example to achieve Level one for strawberries (a 4 hour crop) you need to harvest 500
And To achieve Level one for Water melon (a 4 Day crop) you need to harvest 100

ploughing = xp points (1 per square)
planting = xp points (0-3 per square depending on crop)
harvesting = coins (sale value depends on crop of course)
harvesting = mastery points (1 per square harvested) + 1xp for some “mastered premium crops

Once the required amount is harvested you gain a reward of
Rewards :
Level 1 – 25 exp & 500 coins.
Level 2 – 75 exp & 1500 coins.
Level 3 – 250 exp & 5000 coins.

You can post on your wall that you just got a crop level up and your friends will gain coins
Level 1 – 50 coins.
Level 2 – 100 coins.
Level 3 – 150 coins.

Apart from the small coin bonus at level 1 and 2 there is NO CHANGE to the coins or xp you will get from harvesting a crop.

Crop Mastery level 3
Once you have achieved Level 3 mastery of a crop, there is a chance that any crop of that type planted in the future will be a “Premium” Crop. A Premium Crop will appear larger than other crops, and will provide you with 1 XP when it is harvested!

All crops after mastering level 3 will have the chance of having premium crops grown.
Initial reports show that the amount of premium crops is anywhere from 15 to 50%

FarmVille Seeds XP list :

Plowing feild + 1xp
Planting peas + 3xp
Harvesting % of Premium peas + 15-50% 3xp

For a feild of 400 Peas
400 + 1200 + (30% premium) 360
1960xp per rotation, instead of 1600.

After obtaining Crop Mastery level 1
Your Harvest count returns to zero and you need to harvest an additional x number of crops

For example:
After harvesting 425 grapes, you need to harvest an additional 850 more.
So to gain level 2 of the “Grapes Mastery” you will need to harvest (425+850) 1,275 Grapes.

On the Completion of Level 3 you gain a Mastery Sign.

FarmVille Mastery Sign

This is the mastery sign for soybeans

Apparently, Mastery Sign can’t be sold

but It can be deleted 😛

The sign is deletable via the delete tool.

After the initial Release and the realisation that it would take only Nine Months to complete Level 3 for every crop, The numbers of most crops were increased. To now taking over a year to master every crop.

After the release of Crop mastery most of the numbers were changed.
I’ll use the example of Corn.
Before the update the harvests required for Corn was,

Level 1 – 150
Level 2 – 300

And now after the numbers were updated the harvests required for corn are.

Level 1 – 425
Level 2 – 215

If you gained level one mastery before the update after harvesting 250 corn,
they didn’t take the level one away from you, instead they just want you to make up the amount you should have harvested for level one before you move onto level 2.

your numbers would be -175 because if you were doing level one after the updates, you would be 175 short of achieving it.

Before the update there was 15,200 harvests to be made to get every crop level one and now you need 22,245 for level one for all the crops.

They also made the relationship between crop levels and number of harvest harder to guess. because of the inconsistency.

E.g Sugar cane before the update was
Level 1 – 900
Level 2 – 18,000

and now it is 1300 For both levels.

I’m doing my best to collate the new information but because the numbers are unpredictable you can only really trust the Numbers higlighted greeen.

Here is the amount of harvests that you need to make to advance a Mastery level.

ghost chilli : 1200 | 2400| 9000 |Total : 12.600

Update: you can see flower mastery in FarmVille Flower Mastery

E.G. Watermelon
Level 1 – 500 Strawberrys.
Level 2 – 1,000 Strawberrys.
Level 3 – 3,750 Strawberrys.

After getting level one you need to harvest and ADITIONAL 1000 Strawberrys.

The real requrements for Strawberrys are
Level 1 – 500 Strawberrys.
Level 2 – 1,500 Strawberrys.
Level 3 – 5,250 Strawberrys.

Before the update: With the current amount of crops available you needed to harvest a total of 159,600 crops to master then all.

Now: With the current amount of crops available you need to harvest a total of 185,802 crops to master then all.

Total is the total number of harvests.
Growing time is expressed in hours.
Rotations are the total amount of times a 20×20 farm with 400 plots needs to be replanted.
Total Time is expressed in days
(Growing time x Rotations / 24)

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