FarmVille Crunchie Award Statue

By | January 17, 2010

FarmVille Crunchie Award Statue ! Well because farmville just won crunchie award for beso social application, we will get some rewards too ^__^


“Thanks Farmers !
It’s been a great week for FarmVille thanks to you! We won the 2009 Crunchie Award for Best Social Application and we want to share the award with you! There’s a Crunchie Award in your Gift Box!

Also, we hit a major milestone : 10 MILLION FANS! Watch out for a special reward next week, EXCLUSIVELY FOR FANS!”

Crunchies Award Decoration
The Crunchies Award statue will be awarded to you by clicking the icon.
Once you click the icon, the decoration will automatically appear in your Gift Box.
When you put this award on your farm you will get some XP bonus 🙂
Awards 10% of difference needed to reach next level (Min: 100XP, Max: 1000XP)

  • Peter

    1000 XP max.
    100 XP min.