Farmville Dairy Farms

By | October 23, 2009

Farmville Dairy Farms. It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in basket, but it sure is useful to keep all your cows in one place. With newly released Dairy Farms, you have a way to milk your cows faster than ever 🙂

How to use Dairy Farms ?
Some things to know about Dairy Farms:
– Up to 20 cows can be placed in a single Dairy Farm at a time.

– Dairy Farms can be used once every 24 hours and will yield the sum of all of the cows stored within.
(For example: if 10 cows are placed in the Dairy Farm, and are harvestable for 6 coins apiece, you will receive 60 coins.)

– In order to be able to purchase a Dairy Farm for Coins (10,000 coins), you must have at least 8 Neighbors.

– If you do not have 8 Neighbors, the Dairy Farm can be purchased for 20 Farm Cash.

– To place a cow in the Dairy Farm, click on a cow, and select the “Move” option. You will then be able to hover the cow over your Dairy Farm and release it.
When the cow is hovered over the dairy farm, the dairy farm will light up with a yellow outline.

– To remove a cow from your Dairy Farm, click on your Dairy Farm, and select “Remove Cows“.

– You can only have a maximum of 5 Dairy Farms present on your farm at one time.

Tips : Before you use the Dairy Farm, put a cow in it thats close to being done then fill in the rest. The first cow that goes into it will set what percent the whole dairy farm is at.

have fun 🙂

Farmville Cheats

Free Cows
There’s a glitch in Farmville that gives you free cows. You will need at least one Cow (any kind) in your gift box and Dairy Farm. Here’s the step:
1. Purchase a Dairy Farm in the Farmville Market.
2. Place Cow from your gift box directly to Dairy Farm. Do not place the Cow down anywhere else on your farm.
3. Return to giftbox and there should still be another Cow.
4. Repeat until you have enough 🙂

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  • Jan

    Tried the trick with 95% cow placed as the first one. All looked ok for some time, the whole dairy displayed 95% – but when I returned to the game some time later, it was at 4%. So I suppose it just takes a while to sync.

  • Cheema

    It is a real cool trick and my dairy farm went well I think.

    I also love Farmville and adore discussing it.
    You can see some Farmviile Postage Stamps at

    @Admin: Would you like to make a link exchange?
    Leave a comment on my blog if interested and add my blog to yours.
    Best Regards & Happy Farming
    Yours Cheema

  • cuellar

    Hey, the dairy farm doesn’t give you points for the animal ribon!!!!

    • admin

      really ? i never realized that, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • jenkins

    What about pink and brown cows? Will they be harvested for 6 coins or more coins than that?

    • admin

      You get the amount of coins per cow based on the color. So if you have all regular cows you only get 120 coins, but if you have all brown or pink cows you will get 300 coins. 🙂

  • http://farmville James

    I noticed the milk tank on the side of the dairy farm but also noticed 2 empty places for milk tanks. Wonder if we will be able to buy more tanks in the future to put more cows in or if after so many harvests more tanks are filled and after the third tank a bonus is involved. Any ideas??

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  • Santhosh

    There are 2 empty tank on side. Thats for near future. Dairy farm expansion they are providing.

    To get colored calf, you need colored Cows. :). simple