FarmVille Dog Tricks

By | April 22, 2010

FarmVille Dog Tricks ! after your puppy grown up into an adult dog, you can teach some tricks for the dog 🙂


teach your pet tricks !
Now that you’ve got dog treats, you can feed them to your dog so it can learn new tricks. In the Tricks menu, whatever trick you’re currently able to learn will be displayed, along with the number of treats necessary

For example, you only need to feed your dog one treat to teach it its first trick, Roll Over.

how to use dog treat for your dog ?
To feed your dog the treat, either select Feed from its pulldown menu, or click use on the dog treats in your Gift Box. This will allow you to select which dog you’d like to feed treats to.


When you feed your dog its first treat, you’ll receive the following pop-up:
“Great job ! you taught xxx a new trick :
Roll Over
When you are ready to teach him the next trick, feed him a treat !”

Now your dog knows Roll Over and it is unlocked from its pulldown menu. The next trick that it can learn will displayed in the pulldown menu as LOCKED.


For tricks that require more than one treat, you’ll need to feed your dog once every 24 hours for each day that a treat is required. For example, learning Shake requires three treats. So, when you feed your dog the first treat to begin learning this treat, they’ll be hungry again 24 hours after the first treat.


Once they’re hungry again, you’ll need to feed them to continue your progress. After the third treat (on the third day), they’ll have learned Shake. You can only feed your dog once a day.

One exception to this is whenever your dog actually learns a trick. Whenever your dog learns a trick, you can feed them another treat to start learning their next trick whenever you like!

If you miss feeding your dog for one day when they’re learning a trick, they’ll lose their progress and you’ll need to start over! When you enter the game after missing a day, you’ll see the following pop up:
“Oh no ! you didn’t feed xxx a treat everyday so he didn’t learn his new trick !
Start xxx’s training over. and be sure to feed him everyday !”

PLEASE NOTE: If you lose progress on a single trick, your dog still keeps all the other tricks it has already learned.

For each trick, you’ll need to feed your dog a different amount of treats:
1st Trick – 1 Treat
2nd Trick – 3 Treats
3rd Trick – 3 Treats
Final Trick – 7 Treats

The final trick your dog can learn is one that is specific to your dog’s breed 🙂 what the farmville dog final tricks are ? please see it in farmville puppies benefits.

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