FarmVille Double Avatar Size – Giant Avatar

By | March 26, 2010

FarmVille Double Avatar Size – Giant Avatar ! did you see any giant avatar size at your neighbors farm on farmville ?


well it’s all because Double Avatar Size

so how to get double avatar size to make giant avatar on farmville ?
all you need to do is collect 10 spring eggs for farmville spring basket and redeem the mystery egg prize 🙂
note that the prizes are random, so if you lucky you will get double avatar size !

double avatar size on farmville

but when i read on farmville forum, some of the player didn’t like the super size avatar and wonder how do you return the avatar to normal size / shrink the giant avatar ?
some players said that the double avatar size / giant avatar lasted about an hour, and it will back to normal.

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  • Ioana

    Hello. I also got the double avatar size, and I quite didn’t like it being giant, but i’m happy to see that it will disappear. Thanks for the article!

  • bobbie

    i also recieved one last night. mine lasted 2mins an d gone what good are they.

  • Martine

    Yes, but what does it do… I mean … can you get access to things you normally wouldn’T? Is there a purpose to being big in the game?

  • ruben

    wat the hell is it supposed to do?? is it just supposed to look big or wat im confused =S thats rubbish then if its just for lookin big

  • sching

    i don’t like to be taller than the houses!! hope my avatar returns to normal

  • Alexis

    i cant believe i wasted 10 eggs on a double avatar

  • Anand Gopinath

    I too got it. But i dont like this giant avatar. Will it come to normal size ?????

  • Bence Mikola

    HY all! I wrote a mail for the zynga that i dont want to be “big”. Now im in normal size again. xxx greetings from Hungary! XD

  • Adam

    If you dont like how big you have become with the new avatar size all you have to do is change any characteristic about your avatar and it will go back to “normal” size

  • Melli

    i think it’s very funny ;D … I really like it, and I don’t want that it holds on for just an hour 🙁

  • Stephanie

    Mine lasted only for a few minutes, but i’m glad it shrunk back to it’s normal size.. haha!

  • Mark



    GREAT information and sharing– I DO like the GIANT AVATAR….

  • cheryl

    what is it use for. Plow harvesting?????

  • haha-boy

    You can change it back to normal size by changing something on your avatar (mouth, hair…).

  • Erica

    I like that I can actually see the avator. I wish it would stay that way!

  • Linda

    As I appreciate this game I am confused as to the why for of the Giant Avatar and what it actual does besides getting larger than life, does anyone have any idea???

  • Kristin

    The double size avatar doesn’t really have a point except to be funny looking. So it’s not really that great of a gift except to get a laugh, or to frustrate players. Maybe to make to creators laugh.

  • marix

    I think is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.

  • Sam

    Does it make farming quicker ??? Like can u get to parts of ur farm quicker ??? cant think of any other reason …

  • UR

    It enables you to move around your farm faster, and therefore to plow/seed/harvest your crops faster.
    It doesn’t last more than an hour or two – so I only use it if I have a lot of farming to do.

  • Tumulty

    Well what a bore. If it were an enormous goat it might be amusing.

  • sharon roose

    giant avatar is waste of time!

  • Patty

    All most everytime I redeem eggs I get this double avatar. I alway gasp and think darn I wish I would have gotten a helping hand or points. I wish they would delete this thing!

  • Aquanetta

    Some of the stuff on farmville is clearly a waste and double-size avatar is definitely one for the books!!!


    WELL, i thnk that i wasted 10 of my eggs 4 a double avatar size…no use..

  • Melvin

    At first I thought you can double one of your gifts by using the “double avatar” option,but then I herd that all it does is make your character look bigger.I think thats kinda’ dumb.Maybe zynga should use it for what I thought it was for.

  • Maja

    I got such a DOUBLE avatar size, but when I used it did not show me what to do??

  • FeeFee Strawder

    I clicked the double avatar and I disappeared! How can I make myself reappear?

  • erin w

    I lost my avatar also.. and i just got my pretty dress too!

  • linda

    How do I get my avatar back?

  • Vincent bryan calija

    i like double avatar size but my body were gone(i can see it)….

  • Mariam

    i got it frm harvest suprise and went to the EC and used it. Now my avatar is invisible pls help

  • Cassie

    same everyone! Mine disppeared when i click ‘use’ option to make my avatar bigger. I wish it would work and im angry now i got it from a harvest surprise 🙁