Farmville Duck Pond Expansion

By | March 2, 2011

Farmville Duck Pond Expansion available today ? we can upgrade duck pond expandable with 20 shovels + 20 watering can and the capacity became 30 !

max capacity 30 duck pond expansion in farmville

but after that we will get another pop up :
choose project
choose where you want your watering can to go !


another expansion @_@ ?? the duck pond capacity now become 40
congrats ! you’ve finished expanding your duck pond ! celebrate by sharing some materials with your friends !

but there’s some words form Stumpgrinder the Community Manager in farmville forum :
“Okay umm we didn’t intend y’all to see this just yet. But I recommend not upgrading to max capacity (40) please, bad things could happen. Really bad things.


30 should be ok (level 1). It’s just the level 2 expansion that may cause problems. Bad problems.
We’ll be patching to take this away for now, but just be aware…”

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