Farmville Duckling

By | January 26, 2011

Farmville Duckling ! New feature for duck pond in farmville

duckling in farmville

harvest your duck pond for a chance to find ducklings ! then raise ducklings with friends ! remember these grow up into all new types of ducks !

farmville duckling guide :
when you harvest your duck pond you can get a chance of finding a duckling, but if you don’t find any you will see this pop up :
“Sorry Farmer ! You didn’t find a duckling this time, but accept a coin prize instead. Keep harvesting to find ducklings that will grow up into all new types of ducks !”

the other way to get ducklings is by looking for the duckling post on your friends wall, because once the ducklings grow into ducks.. you can share a duckling by post

Next if you already got duckling, get 7 friends to help take care of your duckling. The faster you get help, the more rewards you can choose from when it grows up ! you can always use farm cash to grow it faster.

what will your duckling grow up to be ?


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