Farmville Expand Craftshop Station Missions

By | July 28, 2011

FarmVille just updated the Craftshop so you can have up to 6 stations on each farm! Visit your Craftshop and get crafting today! Howdy farmer !

add stations by expanding your craftshop to make up to six items at once !

It’s time for a quest, so get your fruits, vegetables and your tractors ready! In this mission series, you will need to interact with the new Craftshop UI. Get through all 3 quests and receive the Limited Edition Mechanic Gnome!

3 farmville expand craftshop station missions :

part 1: A Fitting Beginning
– Get 6 Sawhorses
– Buy 1 Craftshop
– Harvest 200 of whatever you like
QUEST 1 REWARDS: 100 XP, 5 Love Potions and 1,000 Coin

part 2: The Big Job
– Add a station to your Craftshop
– Harvest 1 Pigpen
– Make a Yellow Racer recipe once
QUEST 2 REWARDS: 250 XP, 10 Fuels and 2,500 Coins

part 3: Joy Ride
– Get 12 pairs of Fuzzy Dices
– Use a Tractor 15 times
– Harvest 1 Orchard
QUEST 3 REWARDS: 500 XP, 1 Mechanic Gnome and 5,000 Coins

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