Farmville Fairy Festival Guide

By | August 23, 2012

Help the fairy guild build the annual farmville fairy festival ! Get started by collecting fairy sweets and get a fantastic prize !

the fairy guild needs your help preparing for their annual festival ! there are 6 stages to progress with

Stage 1 : Gather Sweets
Collect 5 of the most delectable sweets you can find to sell at the festival
Posting a request to your feed. Friends can send you a sweet.
Clicking on friends’ feeds. When you send someone a sweet, one is applied to your task as well.
Reward: Sweets Booth

Stage 2: Ferris Wheel
Collect parts for the Ferris Wheel before the time limit runs out :
7 Ferris Wheel Chairs
7 Motor Parts
7 Light Sprites
reward : Sprite Bloom

Stage 3: Building Crew
Invite 8 of your friends to join the Fairy Festival Building Crew
Get 8 friends to join the Building Crew by sending a request directly to them.
Reward: Festival Dragon

Stage 4: Fairy Festival Blueprints
Collect 10 Sets of Plans to map out your finishing touches!
Reward: Mini Fairy Barn

Stage 5: Festival Stage
Gather parts for the Festival Stage. You will need :
10 Enchanted Boards
10 Enchanted Nails
10 Fairy Fabric
Reward: Fairy Pegacorn

Stage 6: Festival RSVPs
Get 10 friends to RSVP to the festival
Reward: Completed Fairy Festival