Farmville Fairy Good Starting Spot Quest Help Discover The Summer Fairies

By | July 26, 2012

Help discover the summer fairies on your farm start in farmville fairy good starting spot quest !

there are 9 goals to finish, here are the missions rewards :

Green Peacock, Unwither, Fairy Cottontail Rabbit, Silver Buck
Book of XP, Moonlit Mulberry Tree, Plum Blossom Pony, Mystery Game Dart, Summernight Stallion

summer fairy search quests walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville Fairy Good Starting Spot Quest
Get 6 Fairy Feathers
Harvest 50 Golden Poppies
Harvest the Bloom Garden 2 Times

goal 2: Farmville Nymphormative Tips Quest
Get 7 Watering Cans
Harvest 75 Red Tulips
Harvest the Swimming Pond 2 Times

goal 3: Farmville Pixie Taste Quest
Get 8 Pixie Piccolo
Harvest 100 Mint
Craft 1 Fertilize All

goal 4: Farmville Latesummer Night’s Dream Quest
Get 9 Silver Horns
Harvest 125 Morning Glories
Master Green Peacock to 1-Star

goal 5: Farmville Fae Out There Quest
Get 9 Dryad Drops
Harvest 150 Leeks
Harvest Silver Buck 2 Times

goal 6: Farmville One Glad Dryad Quest
Get 9 Fairy Acorns
Harvest 150 Lilacs
Master Fairy Cottontail to 1-Star

goal 7: Farmville Wing and a Mare Quest
Get 10 Sugarplum Cupcakes
Harvest 150 Bell Peppers
Master Silver Buck to 1-Star

goal 8: Farmville Sprite Alright Quest
Get 11 Forest Masks
Harvest 150 Spinach
Harvest the Plum Blossom Pony 2 Times

goal 9: Farmville Fairy Partings Quest
Get 12 Fairy Beads
Harvest 200 Cabbage
Craft 1 Farmhand

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