Farmville Fall Feast Prize Items

By | October 31, 2012

Can you find all the magical ingredients for farmville fall feast prizes to concoct your witches brew in time ?

Complete fall feast and earn all rewards plus the bonus : Fall Pegacorn !

ask your friends for 16 days of items to redeem great prizes !
here are the rewards you can get each day :
day 1 Turducky
day 2 Fall Bonfire
day 3 Fall Wreath Peacock
day 4 Caramel Apple Pig
day 5 Fall Flowers Road
day 6 Fall Bouquet Tree
day 7 Fall Candle Tree
day 8 Pumpkin Planter
day 9 Gourd Cow
day 10 Crumble A La Gnome
day 11 Maple Cookie Bonsai Tree
day 12 Egg Nog Tree
day 13 Fall Cupcake Tree
day 14 Wreath Farm Shed
day 15 Magic Gum Bonsai Tree
day 16 Cornucopia Tree

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