Farmville Fangs A Lot Quest Vampires vs Werewolves

By | October 18, 2012

Vampires vs Werewolves which is cooler ? in farmville fangs a lot quest you need to help to votes and decide the winer of this eternal conflict between vampire and werewolf 🙂

new missions rewards you can find from these quests :
Vampire Costumer, Werewolf Costume, Pack Turbo Chargers, Bubbling Cauldron, Unwither, Were Chicken, Mystery Game Dart, Vampire Cow, Hornet Sheep

goals walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Fangs A Lot Quest
Get 6 Vampire Novels
Harvest 50 Raspberries
Harvest 2 Pet Runs

goal 2: Howling Good Quest
Get 7 Wolf Man Movies
Harvest 75 Wheat
Harvest 2 Aviaries

goal 3: Cape Able Quest
Get 8 Black Capes
Harvest 100 Red Tulips
Fertilize 25 neighbor plots

goal 4: Toil & Trouble Quest
Get 9 Wolf Totems
Harvest 125 Grapes
Make 2 Witches’ Brew

goal 5: Smell Of Success Quest
Get 9 Wolfs Bane Perfume
Harvest 150 Tomatoes
Harvest 2 Wildlife Habitats

goal 6: Would Smell As Sweet Quest
Get 9 Garlic Necklaces
Harvest 150 Aloe Vera
Make 2 Cauldron Stew

goal 7: Silver Lining Quest
Get 10 Silver Cages
Harvest 150 Jalapenos
Harvest the Were Chicken 2 times

goal 8: A Lot At Stake Quest
Get 11 Garlic Nets
Harvest 150 Coffee
Harvest 2 Livestock Pens

goal 9: The Showdown Quest
Get 12 Halloween Ballots
Harvest 200 Sunflowers
Master the Were Chicken to 1 star

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