FarmVille Fenced In Ribbon

By | January 6, 2010

FarmVille Fenced In Ribbon, new ribbon is available on farmville 🙂
You will need to place fences on your farm to get this ribbon.

Yup, this ribbon is for fences 😛 start collecting more fence in farmville to get the fenced in blue ribbon =)

Farmville Fenced In ribbon requirements
Yellow Ribbon: Requires 5 fences, rewards 25 XP and 500 Coins.
White Ribbon: Requires 50 fences, rewards 100 XP and 2,500 Coins.
Red Ribbon: Requires 100 fences, rewards 250 XP and 5,000 Coins.
Blue Ribbon: Requires 250 fences, rewards 1000 XP and 10,000 Coins.

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  • Kristi

    i already had a large amount of fences on my farm. does this mean i have to buy an addition 250 fences in order to recieve the ribbon or is there a way to use the fences i already own to go toward the amount for the ribbon?

  • cyber

    Easy ribbon ever…
    Buy the cheapest fence and put it everywhere around.
    White fence 100 gold, so’ll use just 25’000 !
    Plus you get back 18’000 with ribbons so in the end you used only 7’000 !
    Plust 1375 XP !
    Then you just sell of all useless fences and you’r done.