FarmVille Free Fuel Week

By | January 3, 2010

FarmVille Free Fuel Week ! yeah on January 4th there will be a free fuel week on farmville 🙂


Where do i get this information from ? well if you see on the left side in farmville you should see a fuel icon, and try to hover it, you will see announcement like this on :
” Free Fuel Week ! Click to


if you click it you will read this :
Next week kicks off FarmVille’s ‘Free Fuel Week’! Come back January 4th to take part in the festivities!

can’t wait for free fuel 😛 but actually we already get a lot of fuel from holiday tree presents right ?

How do you get the free fuel on free fuel week farmville ?
there are 3 ways to get free fuel in farmville :

first you can get fuel when you login to your farmville
you will get 1 tank of fuel for coming back 1 day in a row 😀

Each consecutive day you log in, You will earn additional fuel. (2 for the second day, 3 for the third, and so on, up to a max of 7 fuel tanks for each user.)
If you miss a day, the process will start over, and you will receive one tank of fuel the next day you log in.

second one, look at the left side you will see this icon.. hover it and
click it to give your friends free fuel !

you can share free fuel for your farmville neighbors
so you will share fuel refill in the news feed, your friends only need to click ‘get free fuel‘ =) Up to 5 friends can click on it to receive a 1/5 Fuel Refill.

for you to get free fuel, you need to search this news feed that posted by your friends and click get free fuel!

and the last one is from free gift 🙂
just go to free gifts tab and you will see 1/5 Fuel Refill available to send ! asked your friends to send it to you =)

Note : 1/5 fuel refill = 30 plots and it takes you 15 clicks to get those 30 plots. So you get half your work done by jumping around your feed, opening your gift box, feeding it into your fuel meter, and then clicking, clicking, clicking =P

happy fuel week guys !

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  • Daniel

    Well there is no free fuel anywhere on farmville!!!
    BOGUS announcement Zynga!

  • julie

    Do you have to leave the fuel in your gift box untill your ready to use it? I have 27 gifts of fuel in my gift box and it will only hold 30 gifts. Should i click on “use”?

  • Donna

    @julie: if you click ‘use’ on fuel & have not used any fuel yet it just wastes it. But it is a pain to accept a few gifts then go empty accepted gifts then do over each time you accept more.

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