Farmville Frito-Lay Farm

By | April 11, 2011

Visit the Farmville Frito-Lay Farm to help make their snacks with All Natural Ingredients. Help Frito-Lay today and you will receive two exclusive prizes!

you can visit frito lay farm in farmville by scrolling the neighbor bar list and click on the frito lay icon

naturally delicious
Frito-Lay needs your help to harvest and package farm fresh ingredients to create Lay’s, Tostitos chips and Sunchips snacks with all natural ingredients !
help now to earn 2 new exclusive items
click help out

claim your reward !
Thank you for helping frito-lay harvest and package lay’s, tostitos chips and sunchips snacks with all natural ingredients. Visit the frito-lay fan page to see the exclusive prizes you have won !

click visit the frito-lay fan page !

the reward prizes are :
frito-lay stand (gives you 2 days of double mastery bonus when you put it on your farm)
frito-lay truck