Farmville From Coop To The Cosmos Quest Help Barbara get Cluck Rogers into Space

By | July 19, 2012

Help Barbara get Cluck Rogers into Space start with farmville from coop to the cosmos quest ! there are 9 parts to finish 🙂

missions rewards :
Cluck Rogers Chicken, Astro Tractor, Wilma Deer, Martian Tree
Space Costume, Simeon 62 Monkey, Robot, Mechanical Tree, Rocket

cluck rogers : chicken in space quests walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville From Coop To The Cosmos Quest
Get 6 Space Helmets
Harvest 50 Peanuts
Harvest the Dino Lab 2 Times

goal 2: Farmville Birdie Beverage Quest
Get 6 Astro Drinks
Harvest 75 Strawberries
Harvest Cluck Rogers 1 Time

goal 3: Farmville Fowl Flight Quest
Get 8 Jet Packs
Harvest 100 Soybeans
Craft A Fertilize All

goal 4: Farmville A Galactic Affair Quest
Get 9 Gravity Boots
Harvest 125 Peppermint
Harvest Wilma Deer Twice

goal 5: Farmville Celestial Science Quest
Get 9 Space Suits
Harvest 150 Mustard
Harvest Martian Tree Once

goal 6: Farmville Cosmic Cruise Quest
Get 9 Rocket Fins
Harvest 150 Carrots
Master Cluck Rogers Chicken to 1 Star

goal 7: Farmville Fuel For A Fowl Captain Quest
Get 10 Rocket Fuels
Harvest 150 Peppers
Master Wilma Deer to 1 Star

goal 8: Farmville A Stellar Situation Quest
Get 11 Rocket Engines
Harvest 150 Red Tulips
Craft 1 Farmhand

goal 9: Farmville One Small Step For Chickenkind Quest
Get 12 Escape Pods
Harvest 200 Broccoli
Master Simeon Monkey to 1 Star

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