FarmVille Garden Sheds And Giftable Flowers

By | November 6, 2009

FarmVille Garden Sheds And Giftable Flowers. What is Garden Shed ?

Here’s the official statement from farmville :
We’re very happy to announce that flowers are now giftable!

Please note that this feature is currently only available to a randomly selected group of users.

How does Garden Sheds & Giftable Flowers works in farmville ?
Here’s how :

When Harvesting Flower crops, there is a chance that you will receive a “Perfect Bunch“, as indicated by small text that will appear above your avatars head.

If you do not have a Garden Shed, once you receive a “Perfect Bunch”, you will see a pop-up that allows you to post the Bouquet to your feed.
Just like Lonely Animals, one of your friends can click on this feed, and receive your Bouquet as a decoration that can be placed on their farm.

If you do have a Garden Shed, you have the ability to store your “Perfect Bunches” in it. Garden Sheds are purchasable for 30,000 Coins and 10 Neighbors, or 30 Farm Cash.

Your Garden Shed can hold up to 30 Perfect Bunches. To share the Perfect Bunches that you have stored in your Garden Shed with your Neighbors, simply click the Garden Shed to open it.

Once you have opened it, select the number of Perfect Bunches you would like to share (you can select up to 5 of one type of Flower).

A pop-up will then allow you to post a feed on your wall.
Depending on the number of Bunches you choose to share, the corresponding amount of your friends can click on this feed, and receive your Bouquet as a decoration that can be placed on their farm.

You can also take Perfect Bunches out of your Garden Shed and place them on your own Farm as decorations.

After 14 days the flower on your farm will turn brown and droop, to remove them just use the delete tool.

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  • ninjaa

    sooo cool :3



  • Wendy

    when will it be available to all of farmville folks

    • admin

      well, i think we must wait untill zynga team 100% sure that there’s no bug for the garden sheds

  • Angela

    I have a Garden Shed. It’s pretty cool, but you don’t get money for the ones that end up in your shed. I’m the only one on my friends list that post them to be given out to my friends. Not sure how many ended up receiving the shed. Good luck!

  • Tania

    I got a shed tonight! I love it, it came loaded with plenty of flowers to decorate and it lets you share the first post with your friends so they can benefit too! I was working on saving points for a new house, but this was worth it!

  • Tania

    Bug??? I just read that! as in computer bug? yikes!

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  • Becca

    I clicked to accept a friend’s bouquet, and I got the bouquet and the option to click on an icon on my Farmville page to buy the garden shed. I didn’t have enough coins right then (I’d just expanded) so I harvested all my crops and then had enough coins. But the option to buy was gone!!!! That’s really unfair, I had no idea how much it was before I clicked on it, and I certainly didn’t know my option would be gone!

  • jobeth

    i really dont know what is going on.. im just wondering what is the purpose of “14days after placement” is there any reason that the flowers will become stale? why there was no selling menu in flowers and only got the move one. thnxs

    • admin

      i think it will wither in 2 weeks and Farmville will give you the option to delete them, but I haven’t had any flowers on my farm long enough to know.

  • http://farmville claire

    Well my flowers have started to turn brown and droop, how do we remove them? There is no delete. Will someone please tell me, it looks terrible on here with these brown dead bouquets. Thanks

  • Peter

    It’s very easy to delete. Just use the delete tool.

  • Allyie

    Typo on your publishing story on Facebook 🙂

    • admin

      lol , i didn’t realize that before 😛

  • http://GardenShed Hacie

    My understanding is if you become a fan of farmville, your plants won’t wither or it takes longer to wither

  • Ryan

    I cant buy a garden shed…. how can i buy one?

  • Fred

    Accidentally sold my Garden SHed, and now can not buy it back 🙁 The market place says it is locked to 1.
    Any idea?

  • Teresa Daniel

    I cannot get my bunches of flowers out of the shed to share. The garden shed will not let me look inside. Please help! Thank You!

  • Onno

    Same here, very frustrating!

  • Caz

    Hi, on my facebook farmville i cant buy a shed but underneath them both (pay with cash or coin) it says locked but nothing like “reach level 32” or something, so will zynga let me buy one when they are 100% bug free? and if so, when will this be?

  • Mayank

    My Garden shed is not opening

  • Charlie

    When I click on my garden shed my game freezes! Kind of takes all the fun out of the game when its not working well. Rather than work on new things why don’t they repair the broken things? When do they expect to repair the issue?