Farmville Garden Tea Party Parts Links

By | April 4, 2012

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming ! Host a farmville garden tea party and win great prizes !

host a tea party in your flower-filled garden !

there are 3 stages to complete where you can unlock great prizes like :
party invites : gnome party server
growing flowers : license for purple orchid crop
set the table : garden tea party

part 1 : party invites
for stage 1 you must get 8 friends to help you celebrate by joining you for a tea party in your garden !
ask for 8 garden party invites !

after you finish you need to wait for 2 days+ to have the second stage unlocked, or you can unlock now for 10 farm cash
“your garden needs special flowers to set the proper stage for your tea party, your chance to get some exclusive seeds will come soon!”

part 2 : growing flowers
ask for 8 flower seeds (purple orchid seeds)

part 3 : set the table
ask for these parts to complete the garden tea party :
pastry tray
tea towel
tea pot

material links :
pastry-tray tea-towel