FarmVille Gift Box Changes

By | November 12, 2009

FarmVille Gift Box Changes. Yeah not only the animated person under your avatar if you hover them that changed, Farmville also update the gift box 🙂

So don’t worry if you received some gift that you’ll not use it on the farm, you can sell them as soon as you received them in your gift box ^^’

Here’s the official statement :
The FarmVille team has made a few changes to the Gift Box that are sure to speed up your Farming.

Items can now be sold directly from your Gift Box. No more need to place the gifts on your farm to sell them!

There is also a new option to sell all of the items in your Gift Box at one time. If you need to make some room and are looking to save time, click on the “Sell All” button located at to top of the Gift Box pop-up.

Happy Farming everyone 🙂

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