Farmville Gimme a Lift Quests Ugly-Duckling Finds Love

By | February 3, 2012

Help the ugly duckling finds love in farmville gimme a lift quests !
because this time of year he feel a little lonely, so start a valentine’s day makeover !

here are the missions rewards :
Kissing Booth, Vegas Duck, Tuxedo Bear, Purple Skunk, Ms. Ugly Ducklings
Mirror Mirror, Arborist, Turbo Chargers, Book of XP

list of goals requirements :
Goal 1: Gimme a Lift Quest
Get 4 Ducky Lift Shoes
Harvest the Cow Pasture
Harvest 50 Spinach

Goal 2: Hair of the Duck Quest
Get 6 Bottles of Feather Gel
Harvest the Aviary
Harvest 750 Strawberries

Goal 3: One Spiffy Duck Quest
Get 8 Bowties
Harvest the Vegas Duck
Harvest 100 Cranberries

Goal 4: If It Smells Like a Duck Quest
Get 8 “Eau Du Duck”
Harvest Tuxedo Bear
Harvest 125 Lilac

Goal 5: Bread Diggin’ Duckies Quest
Get 8 Bags of Bread Crumbs
Harvest Purple Skunk Twice
Harvest 150 Strawberries

Goal 6: A Lucky Duck Quest
Get 8 Rose Bouquets
Master Vegas Duck to 1-Star
Harvest 150 Red Tulips

Goal 7: Laying the Foundation Quest
Get 9 Twigs and Sticks
Harvest Ms. Ugly Duckling
Harvest 150 Grain

Goal 8: Tie It All Together Quest
Get 10 Strings of Yarn
Master Purple Skunk to Level 1
Harvest 150 Vegetables

Goal 9: Homecoming Quest
Get 12 Cotton Balls
Harvest Ms. Ugly Duckling Twice
Harvest 200 Fruit Crops

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  • Das

    All required crop quantities have apparently been reduced! so the figures above are overstated by some 3-4 fold. In Goal 1, for example, only 50 spinach are required, 75 strawberries for the second, etc.

  • Farmivlle Friend

    So far the numbers needed to harvest have been less. I only needed 75 Strawberries for #2 and 100 Cranberries for #3

  • carol

    No link to ask friends for items

  • carol

    No Links to request items

  • carol

    Where are the links to my friends. All quest links are sending me right to the game. ty