FarmVille Gold Present

By | December 24, 2009

Farmville Gold Present ! If you look into your holiday tree today you will find a gold present


How gold present works on farmville ?
Trade 5 presents and pay 5 Farm Cash to open a Gold Present !
Gold Presents contain only the very best prizes found in other presents.


What item do you get inside Gold Present ?
Hmm.. it says gold presents contain best prizes in other presents.. really ??
i searched farmville forums and the players got these items :
– black chicken
– 10 fuel refills
– 15 fuel refills
– grey tabby
– gold chicken
– brown chicken
– mystery box
– lamb

i think this gold present is not worthed to trade 🙁 because the best prize is only grey cat for me.. which you can get it from holiday tree presents.

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  • endsgamer

    i got a golden chicken thankfully and i got one of those from a present so its not worth it either

  • heather

    my brother said the same… i got all these gifts from the christmas tree… my brother got a christmas hedge arch…. and my friend, 10 fuels

  • Nick

    I just did the trade today, I got Santa’s Workshop, seriously. :p I’m content. One of the best it seems, saved a lot of FV cash. It’s a chancy move but could pay off.

  • jorge


  • Lore Cullen

    Well, I got a Ginger House on the mystery box so I think its so cool!!!