Farmville Gone Fishin Quests Help Elves Fishing

By | February 8, 2012

Help the elves do fishing in farmville gone fishin quests because it’s an elf way of playing with underwater friends the fishies !
while play with the fish is the first series of the missions, the second one is still about party where you can see zing in a cake as the icond for the grand entrance to the party 🙂

winter wonderland chapter 7 goals rewards :
Ice Fishing Hut, Ice Walrus, Fishing Camp, Bow Wolf, Zing in a Cake, Party Peacock
Party Winter Squirrel, Party Penguins, Disco Ball Gnome, Ushanka Polar Bear, Hammock Penguin, Candy Copter

here are the item quest request links and requirements :

goal 1: Gone Fishin’ quest
Get 4 Fishing Lines link
Harvest Polar Train Station
Harvest 275 Gingerbread

goal 2: What Lurks Below quest
Get 6 Sparkly Doodads link
Make 3 Ginger S’mores
Harvest 275 Iced Rice

goal 3: Make a Hole quest
Get 8 Ice Saws link
Harvest Ice Walrus
Harvest 275 Frozen Grapes

goal 4: Stranger Things quest
Get 8 Fish Sweaters link
Make 2 Peanut Brittle
Harvest 300 Carrotcicles

goal 5: Surprise quest
Get 8 Hugs link
Harvest Bow Wolf
Harvest 300 Iceberg Lettuce

goal 6: Hands in the Air quest
Get 8 High Fives link
Master Ice Walrus 1 Star
Harvest 300 Mint Candy

goal 7: Elf-felt Thanks quest
Get 8 Appreciation Notes link
Make 2 Candy Canes
Harvest 350 Red Iceberries

goal 8: Picture Time quest
Get 8 Photos with Elves link
Harvest Party Winter Squirrel
Harvest 350 Frozen Grapes

goal 9: Refreshing quest
Get 8 Yummy Drinks link
Make 2 Frozen Fruit Tarts
Harvest 350 Gingerbread
Rewards: 1,000 XP, & 10,000

goal 10: Cheers quest
Get 9 Cheers for You link
Master Bow Wolf 1 Star
Harvest 400 Gummi Bears

goal 11: You Say Goodbye quest
Get 10 Goodbye Gifts link
Make 2 Candied Apples
Make 2 Gingerbread Houses

goal 12: Heating Up quest
Get 12 Map Pieces link
Master Ushanka Polar Bear 1 Star
Harvest 400 Red Iceberries

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