FarmVille Green Alien Cow Bovine-09

By | November 4, 2009

FarmVille Green Alien Cow Bovine-09. A Green Cow !! Farmville released a purchasable green alien cow, the B0V1NE-09 in the Farmville Market.

This Martian Green Cow will only available for 5 days.

What do you harvest from green cow ?
we can harvest Milktonium in one day which is sold for 18 coins

How to get green cow in farmville ?
Go to market and you can purchase green cow there for 2.400 coins 🙂 yeah not FV cash and not a lost animal 😛 but beware, the alien cow only available for 5 days only

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  • Megan

    Do you know what we’ll be able to harvest from the Green/Alien Cow?

  • Elliot


    it is just milk 🙂

    hah i have 7 of these green cows and they also give you 24XP when you buy one 🙂

  • Joshua

    the green cows are soooooooooooooooooo cute, i love them!!!

  • jesus

    when will the alien cow be on sale again

  • Bailey

    that is what i was wondering too… i really wwant one does anybody know??

  • jesus

    some1 please tell us

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  • grayblizard

    oh no i have no green cow plese give me a chance to buy an green cow

  • jesus

    when will they be out i want a baby green calf

  • donkdonk

    how to give a green cow to my friend???

  • Tim

    U can get alien cows every christmas
    u just need a christmas tree and your friends has 2 send u pressents
    u can open the pressents in christmas eve 2 jan. 7

  • focxy

    It was one in my christmas gift box. i got 2 actually and 9 golden chickens. u get all that good stuff.

  • lucy

    i got my green cow from a holiday present on farmville at xmas

  • aaron

    how do u buy them

  • Aaron Meijer

    when do they come out again or do they only came out once

  • lauryn

    I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANT 1!!! they are adorable!!!!!!!!

  • Harry

    will there be a bovine 10?

  • Stephhh(:

    Theyr not available anymore [._.”]

  • Sammy:)

    When will the green cow be on sale again ?

  • austin

    man i want 1 so bad i wish i knhew so bad

  • kuresh

    i want to get green alien cow