Farmville Groom on up Quest Horseback Riding with Anne

By | August 2, 2012

Let’s go horseback riding with anne start with farmville groom on up quest ! there are 9 parts for this goals !

new missions rewards :
Western Prairie Dog, Unwither, Western Pond, Barn Dog
Horseshoe Tree, Pack of Turbo, Collie Dog, Unwither, Endurance Horse

quests walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville Groom on up Quest
Get 6 Grooming Kits
Harvest 50 Wheat
Harvest Pet Run Twice

goal 2: Farmville Time for Tack Quest
Get 6 Saddle Pads
Harvest 75 Rice
Harvest Western Prairie Dog Twice

goal 3: Farmville Grab a Snack Quest
Get 8 Packed Lunches
Harvest 100 Spinach
Harvest Bunny Hutch Twice

goal 4: Farmville I Said Stirrup Not Syrup Quest
Get 9 Stirrups
Harvest 150 Soybeans
Master Prairie Dog to 1-Star

goal 5: Farmville These Boots Were Made for Riding Quest
Get 9 Pairs of Riding Boots
Harvest 150 Cotton
Harvest Barn Dog Twice

goal 6: Farmville This is One Stubborn Horse Quest
Get 9 Pairs of Spurs
Harvest 150 Daffodils
Harvest Horseshoe Tree Twice

goal 7: Farmville Yeeehaw Quest
Get 10 Cowboy Hats
Harvest 150 Eggplant
Master Barn Dog to 1-Star

goal 8: Farmville Pack Up Quest
Get 11 Saddle Bags
Harvest 150 Squash
Craft Arborist 1 Time

goal 9: Farmville Get Ready to Hit the Trails Quest
Get 12 Bags of Oats
Harvest 200 Sunflowers
Craft 1 Farm Hands

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