FarmVille Halloween Candy

By | October 6, 2010

FarmVille Halloween Candy ! even though the halloween holiday basket still not available yet, you can get candy from haunted house in farmville 🙂

halloween candy on farmville

yup halloween means Trick or Treat, later you will be able to redeem halloween holiday basket prize rewards by collecting halloween candy

how to get halloween candy in farmville :
you can harvest haunted house for candy to fill your halloween candy basket
you can also get candy from visiting your friends’ haunted houses

so when you visit neighbor’s haunted house you can find some candy and share it with your friends
xxx found some candy while visiting a neighbor’s haunted house
xxx visited their neighbor’s haunted house and found some candy to fill their halloween holiday basket ! here is some to share with you !

to collect farmville candy faster make sure to see your feed on facebook wall or use farmville bonus collector, and also finish your haunted house now !

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