FarmVille Halloween Hollow Tree Spooky Tree

By | October 7, 2009

FarmVille HalloweenHollow Tree & Spooky Tree and some other halloween limited items. Halloween is almost upon us once again, and FarmVille has decided to join in on the fun. Today, Farmville have released the first of many Limited Edition Halloween items!

As you can see in Halloween there should be a scary theme, farmville will gives you 2 scary tree and remember that these things are new limited items 🙂 , Spooky tree and Hollow tree. Both of this only sale for 7 days.

You can buy Spooky Tree for 1600 coins, but the Hollow Tree is a limited edition item that can only be purchased with FV cash. It will cost you 7 FV cash and the offer will expire in 7 days.

There’s something special about Hollow Tree 😀 The Hollow Tree Glows !! Make sure you watch it glow if you buy one ^_^

Here’s some preview :

Haunted House
you can buy this animated haunted house with 60 FV cash and will give you 2200 XP.

Jack-’O-Lantern, Cat-’O-Lantern and Plant Monster

Tombstone, Giant Spider Web, Dreadful Fence, & Gargoyle Gate

Farmville White Jack-O-Lantern released as a special edition Halloween item that can only be received as a gift from your Farmville neighbors.
so this white pumpkin is not available for puchase in the Farmville Market.
White Jack-O-Lantern has re-sell value of 30 coins. It can be gifted up until Halloween Day, October 31st.

added new halloween items on market 🙂
Spooky Bats and Scaredycrow

And also giftable item : Gravestone
Gravestone can only be received as a gift from your neighbors 🙂 so make sure you send them one, so you’ll get one too ^_^

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