Farmville Harvest Surprise Box

By | November 17, 2010

Farmville Harvest Surprise Box ! you can redeem this mystery box with 10 dishes from thanksgiving feast farmville

harvest surprise farmville

are you sure you want to redeem for 10 credits ?

what rewards do you get inside harvest surprise box in farmville ?
i look in the forum and so far here are the things that you can get from harvest surprise :
– Cornish Chicken
– Rhode Island Red Chicken
– Animal Feed
– Farmhands
– Large fuel
– 1/5 Fuel refill
– 5000 Free coins

oh i think the prizes are not good enough 🙁 so you better skip this

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  • FarmvillePlayerF.

    I had a baby turkey in my harvest surprise!

  • Aethrys

    You can get arborist too and it is the only way t get the ‘They of Mystery’ blue ribbon without having to donate. So when you finish claiming the cute and interesting gifts you want and you have 300 dishes left, its worth the investment. Other than that, no.

  • Ena

    – farmhand
    – double avatar size (???)