Farmville He Sells Sea Shells Quest Help Zhu Prepare a Seaside Concert

By | August 26, 2012

Help zhu prepare a seaside concert in farmville he sells sea shells quest !
What better way to host a concert by the sea than with sea shell trumpets !

new jade falls chapter 13 goals rewards :
Serene Gorilla, Impossible Stones, Rice Barge, Suona Player Gnome, Alstonia Tree, Dragon Li Cat

missions walkthrough :

goal 1: Farmville He Sells Sea Shells Quest
Get 6 Horagai
Harvest 30 Jade Bamboo
Make Chow Mein 2 Times

goal 2: Farmville Strings for the Seaside Quest
Get 8 Gu-zheng
Harvest 30 White Cloud Tea
Make Bao 3 Times

goal 3: Farmville Bang Softly Quest
Get 8 Taiko Drum
Harvest 18 Wasabi
Make Bibimbap 3 Times

goal 4: Farmville Serenading Suonas Quest
Get 8 Suona
Harvest 35 Bok Choy
Make Oolong Tea 4 Times

goal 5: Farmville Preparing for Pipas Quest
Get 9 Pipa
Harvest 30 Lowland Ginger
Make Kimchi 4 Times

goal 6: Farmville Ending With a Sheng Quest
Get 10 Sheng
Master the Serene Gorilla to 1-Star
Make Thai Tea 4 Times

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