Farmville Holiday Countdown 12 Days of Prizes

By | December 15, 2011

Farmville Holiday Countdown has started ! come back every day to get all new items to share with friends ! collect all 12 and get a special bonus prize too 🙂

how does 12 days of prizes works in farmville :
you only need to ask for collectible by posting request on walls, then your friends can help you send the items
then you’ll get the daily prize !

here’s the sample for day 1 :
xx is asking their friends for the Partridge In A Pear Tree and also sharing one too!
xx is celebrating the Holiday Countdown and needs the Partridge In A Pear Tree! If you help out, you’ll get rewarded with one too! Remember if you complete the collection, you can get a special bonus prize!

here are the list what you need to ask to get holiday countdown prize rewards for :
Day 1: ask partridge in a pear tree for Holiday Lamp Post
Day 2: ask turtle doves for Gnome Snowglobe
Day 3: ask french hens for Winter Tree Snowglobe
Day 4: ask calling birds for Nutcracker Outdoor Stage
Day 5: ask golden rings for Sheep Snowglobe
Day 6: ask geese a-laying for Reindeer Snowglobe
Day 7: ask swans a-swimming for Nutcracker Gnome
Day 8: ask maids a-milking for Cow Snowglobe
Day 9: ask ladies dancing for Jingle Bell Tree
Day 10: ask lords a-leaping for Nutcracker Sheep
Day 11: ask pipers piping for Nutcracker Ballerina Cub
Day 12: ask drumers drumming for Unicorn Snowglobe
Bonus: Nutcracker Stallion


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