FarmVille Honeybee

By | July 15, 2010

FarmVille Honeybee ! already get the queen bee on farmville for your beehive ? now you can start to collect honeybees 🙂

bee on farmville

what is honeybee in farmville ? how does honeybees works ?
Honeybees are used for your beehive and allow you to produce pollinated crops. You need a completed beehive and a queen bee in order to have honeybees. You can put maximum 200 honeybees in beehive.

how to get honeybee on farmville ?
to get honeybee you can asked your friends to send it from free gifts tab
you can also purchase 5 honey bees from farmville market for 5 Farm Cash.
5 Honeybees is a pack of 5 Honeybees

build your colony by getting honeybees from friends. The more honeybees you have, the higher chance of harvesting pollinated seeds from fertilized crops !

Tend to your colony every other day or your honeybees may fly away!

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  • Grace

    what does the term “super Harvest” relate to ? is this the bees working on my farm? since I have had a full hive when I harvest “super harvest” pops up ?

  • Ellis

    super harvest means that you harvested a fertilized crop

  • Ellis

    do you know what it means by ‘tend to bees?’ i’ve been collecting the honey, but apparently that doesnt count. someone said i have to harvest flowers every 48 hrs. can anyone confirm that?

  • zaman

    how can i tend my beehive? what’s the process actually? everyday one honey bee of my beehive fly away ;(.please anybody give me a solution … thnx

  • Chaitali

    how to tend bees??????????? cant get it??/

  • Ellis

    i’ve been planting flowers everyday and thats seems to stop them from flying away. do u have to have a full beehive to get access to the pollinated crops?