Farmville Horse Studio Guide

By | February 24, 2012

Design your perfect horse and place it on your farm with farmville horse studio !
Extensive customization tools give you the ability to create a horse of your own design. Do you want a pink horse with butterfly wings? No problem! How about a white Pegacorn with a Fire Mane? No problem !

To design your own horse, open marken > animals, you will find the “dream horse” in all selection
click create to begin designing !
but remember that your dream horse can’t be placed in horse stable and it can’t be breed

here’s the screen to customize your horse, you can choose colors, hair brush, accessories and effects for horse !
and please see the price and “buy and place” button when you adding those items to your horse, it worth cash

When you click “Buy and Place” your Farm Cash will be deducted. You will not be able to edit or change your horse after you press this button.

Your Dream Horse can be harvested once every three days. You will earn 2400 XP and 300 Coins when collecting from your horse.