FarmVille Hot Rod Tractor

By | January 10, 2010

FarmVille Hot Rod Tractor, this unreleased vehicle is still a mystery. Because some players already have hot rod tractor in their farm.
hot rod tractor on farmville

what makes this hot rod so special ?
well the design is cool 😛 and if normal tractor have a 2×3 plow size the hot rod can plows an area up to 3×3 plots.
hot rod plow size 3×3 plots – 9 plots

how to get hot rod tractor on farmville ?
though it still unconfirmed, some says that you can get hot rod tractor from mafia wars. You must be level 10 / 12 in mafia wars then you can purchase it in farmville with 45.000 coins or with 55 farm cash.

and if you noticed when you level up and reached lv 12 you’ll see a pop up that told you you can buy hot rod tractor.

You are now level 12! You are now known as: Farming Wizard
Now you can buy Peppers, Hot Rod Tractor, Pink Tractor, 1 Fuel Refill, 10 Fuel Refills, 20 Fuel
Now you can gift Rabbit

hot rod tractor in farmville

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Some people can see this one the market, and purchase it.. well they said that they are the chosen one for test this hot rod tractor 😛

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  • arjay

    how can i purchase the hot rod tractor in farmville??

  • jay mindaro

    how do I purchase a hot rod tractor? i’m at level 10 in mafia wars. and it doesn’t shows on screen for the special, thwhen ypu are level 10 in mafia wars you can purchase it to 45,000 farvil coins..?