FarmVille How To Get Neighbor Bonus Faster

By | October 10, 2009

Maybe you always wonder is there a faster way how to get bonus from neighbor in FarmVille ? Well you might want to follow these steps 🙂

This tips will cut down on the amount of clicks and time to get Farmville Friends Bonuses.

Only use this method to get the bonuses from friends that are not neighbors.

1. Click on the “My Neighbors” Farmville menu Item
2. Page down to the first Farmville Friend that IS NOT marked as a “Neighbor or pending to be neighbor”.
3. Right Click on their name and select “Open link in new tab” from the drop down menu.
4. Do not click on the newly open tab yet.
5. Process step # 3 for the next four friends.
6. Now click on the first new tab.
7. You will notice the Farmville splash screen continuing to load.
8. Your Friends farm will load and the “Help me clear … from my farm…” message will be displayed.
9. Click on Accept ONCE, Ignore the second Accept message and just “X” (close) the tab
10. The next tab to process will be displayed and it’s farm will load.
11. Process #9 for each new tab you display.
12. Once you completed/closed the first five tabs you processed, your original window(My Neighbors) will now be displayed where you left off from selecting your last farm.
13. Keep on doing this till you have collected your Bonuses from all of your friends farms.

This seemed to work for me and cuts down on the amount of clicks , and waiting time to reload the “My Neighbors” to get to the next neighbor to process.

This is NOT a method of Cheating. It is just a different browser selection method used to process the Bonuses.

So far I have not gotten an out of sync when doing this.

I think because:
– The first open Tab is the Neighbor list not my farm.
– All the other tabs that I have opened have not completely loaded the Farmville application.
– The fact that I “X” (close) the completed tab instead of clicking on the next tab. If I had clicked on the next tab and kept the last one open,two instances of my Farmville would be running and would create sync problems.

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