Farmville Irish Castle

By | February 28, 2011

Farmville Irish Castle ! you might see some request like this “I’m trying to build / upgrade my Irish Castle and could really use your help! Could you send me a Nail / Brick / Wooden Board ?” and wondering what is irish castle in farmville 😛

It’s the Farmville Leprechaun Cottage !
Looks like Irish Castle is just a misnamed help request for the Leprechaun Cottage

Build your lucky leprechaun’s cottage with parts from your friends. The bigger the cottage, the more gold you can harvest !

there are 3 stages of this building and to complete it you will need to collect :
@ 4 bricks, nails, wooden boards for stage 1
@ 16 bricks, nails, wooden boards for stage 2
@ 30 bricks, nails, wooden boards for stage 3


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