Farmville Irrigation Well And Crop Sprinkler

By | September 24, 2013

Two new items with special feature is coming : farmville irigation well and crop sprinkler ! check out the what special features for each items on this post 🙂
place both irrigation well and sprinkler on your farm !

irrigation well & sprinkler : harvest your crops 50% faster !
irrigation well : water your crops to harvest them 2x faster !
crop sprinkler : use a sprinkler to water your crops to cut harvest time by 50% !

check out the picture guide for both items below :

build and upgrade your well to stage 2 for more water every 24 hours !
you need some material parts to build the irrigation well :
– red bricks
– water pail
– rope

water your farm ! you must wait for the water meter full then it’s time to water your crops !
the crop sprinkler is a vehicle so it will need fuel, which in this case a water !