Farmville It Might Get Chilly Quest Watch Meteor Shower With Timmy

By | August 10, 2012

Let’s watch the meteor shower with timmy in farmville it might get chilly quest !

here are the missions rewards :
Star Cat, Unwither, Star Pond, Star Sheep
Shooting Star Tree, Pack of Turbo Charger, Star Dog, Mystery Game Dart, Star Unicorn

walkthrough guide :

goal 1: it might get chilly quest
Get 6 Blankets
Harvest 50 Wheat
Harvest Pet Run 2 Times

goal 2: it’s dark out there quest
Get 7 Flashlights
Harvest 75 Golden Poppies
Harvest Star Cat 2 Times

goal 3: there goes a star now quest
Get 8 Telescopes
Harvest 100 Soybeans
Harvest Bunny Hutch 2 Times

goal 4: where is the big dipper quest
Get 9 Constellation Guides
Harvest 125 Eggplant
Master Star Cat to 1-Star

goal 5: popcorn and meteor showers quest
Get 9 Popcorn
Harvest 150 Squash
Harvest Star Sheep 2 Times

goal 6: burr it’s freezing up here quest
Get 9 Hot Coco
Harvest 150 Daffodils
Harvest Star Tree 2 Times

goal 7: we are still cold quest
Get 10 Sweaters
Harvest 150 Morning Glory
Master Star Star Sheep to 1 Star

goal 8: sit down and enjoy the show quest
Get 11 Folding Chairs
Harvest 150 Rice
Harvest Star Dog 2 times

goal 9: the meteor show has begun quest
Get 12 Bug Spray
Harvest 200 Spinach
Craft 1 Farmhand

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