FarmVille Kelly Green Cow

By | March 11, 2010

FarmVille Kelly Green Cow 🙂 another green cow on farmville !

kelly green cow on farmville market

the new green cow, kelly green cow is a limited animal for st. patrick’s day on farmville.

How to get kelly green cow on farmville ?
you can purchase it with 14 farm cash in the market and kelly green cow limited for 7 days only !

What do you harvest from kelly green cow in farmville ?
you can harvest shamrock milk for 80 coins in 1 day from kelly green cow 🙂

does kelly green cow produce kelly green calf in farmville ?
yes 😀 the kelly green calf exist ! so when you put kelly green cow + bull in dairy farm, when dairy farm ready to harvest sometimes it will produce kelly green calf.

how to get kelly green calf on farmville ?
just like other calf, you need to look for kelly green calf on facebook walls when your friends post it and you can click adopt calf.

kelly green calf on farmville

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