Farmville Kettle Kaboodle Quests Jade Falls Cuisine

By | July 10, 2012

Kaiwen is planning to make some jade falls cuisine for her son hiro and you will help her start with farmville kettle kaboodle quests in gathering preparations like materials and ingredients to craft at the tea house !
6 parts of jade falls chapter 6 goals

missions rewards :
Hanging Veggies, Sushi Chef Costume, Sushi Shack
Dragon Lamp Post, Sancai Horse, Dumpling Tree

requirements walkthrough guide :

Goal 1: Farmville Kettle Kaboodle Quest
Get 6 Jade Kettles
Harvest 20 Jade Bamboo
Make 3 Pho Soup

Goal 2: Farmville Chow Down Quest
Get 8 Lime Slices
Harvest 10 Sticky Rice
Make 3 Chow Mein

Goal 3: Farmville Bibimbapityboo Quest
Get 8 Soy Sauces
Harvest 25 Azuki
Make 3 Bibimbap

Goal 4: Farmville Egg Roll Timer Quest
Get 8 Gochujangs
Harvest 25 Imperial Tea
Make 3 Egg Rolls

Goal 5: Farmville Tea Time Quest
Get 9 Tea Cups
Harvest 12 Wasabi
Make 3 Oolong Tea

Goal 6: Farmville Delicious Fishes Quest
Get 10 Chopsticks
Make 2 Hamachi Maki
Make 2 Ikura Nigiri

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