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By | November 5, 2009

How to make a good layout in farmville ? Well if you remember the winner of halloween event in farmville, there’re a lot of good layout for halloween theme 🙂

Wow which one the best layout for you 😀 what a work right ?

If you see in the picture there’s some elevation, so if you wonder how to stacking fences, how to stacking hay bales, how to make a waterfall in farmville you can see FarmVille Stacking Tutorial 🙂

Now how to make a picture in your farm ? I found a good tutorial made by creating pixel art on your farm.

You can use hay bales to make a big picture, icon, or even a big text 😀 And you know that now there’re many hay bales colors, so now you can be more creative.
Hay Bales in market :

Hay Bales free gift :

FarmVille Layout Hay Bales Tutorial

I recommended that you have enough money for your project before you begin. If you want to keep playing Farmville with some pixel art on your farm, remember to keep your art small as it will affect how much you can grow and therefore make in revenue. The above cost me just under 400k. My farm is at 20×20, the biggest expansion as of the time i created the image.

You must plan as even with planning you may still create errors or run out of money, like the example above. Make sure You have the right colours before you begin, as again i messed up with the monkey.

This does take alot of time and patients, but along with this another mistake i made was not taking breaks, You should not do anymore than 1/4 of your farm i one day, as its not good on your eyes. Probably set the brightness and contrast down, because you will be focusing alot of your screen.

So The first thing you need is a reference image.
I am going to use this code monkey image. It saves a bit of time and makes it easy as its pixel 8bit. I made my image of the code monkey on my farm 1 pixel = 2 pixel thick. So each pixel is 4 pixels/items.

We need to know where to put everything, so you need to set out guides for each pixel you are going to draw onto your farm. If you are making your image up, draw on math paper as its very good for this purpose. I used Photoshop to put guides onto this image.
To get the guides in Photoshop, make sure the ruler is on through view > rulers. My ruler is set to percentage, although it does not matter, (the white stripe along the left and top), drag it onto your image and it will indicate how you do your farm picture.

guide_01 guide_02 guide_03

Each “plow” square you do in Farmville equals 9 hay stacks. Hay stacks are recommended as your primary source of the image.

Info: A 20×20 farm will fit 60×60 squares, which is about 450k, to fill completely.

Also Its good to do your outline first as it is a effective guide, or else you may need to spend more time rearranging everything. If you screw up some spots with extra purchases, move them to the side and use them later. Its not worth selling them for 6 coins each for hay.

credits :

I hope this tutorial will help you creating a good layout for your farmville layout 😀 Just be creative okay 🙂

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