Farmville Lending a Careful Hand Quest Preparing the Haunted Nursery

By | September 24, 2012

Help rose preparing the haunted nursery in farmville lending a careful hand quest !

these are the Haunted Hollow Chapter 2 missions rewards :
Spiny Monster, Monster Pond, Nightshade Dragon, Night Mushroom Forest, Vampire Tree, Topiary Horse

goals walkthrough :

goal 1: Lending a Careful Hand Quest
Get 6 Steel Garden Gloves
Harvest 15 Sage
Make 2 Witches Brew

goal 2: Exotic Aquatics Quest
Get 8 Monster Pads
Harvest 20 Tombstones
Cast 8 Votes on Photo Contest Pic

goal 3: This Is Fun, But I Think We Can Use A Hand Quest
Get 8 Nightshade Sherbet
Harvest 25 Zombie
Complete 1 Halloween Monster Lab

goal 4: Fungal Forestry Quest
Requirements: Get 8 Freaky Fungus
Harvest 30 Ghoul Garlic,
Harvest Nightshade Dragon 2 Times

goal 5: Seed Before Sunrise Quest
Get 9 Vampire Bulb
Harvest 35 Sage
Make 2 Nightshade Sherbet

goal 6: It’s Alive Quest
Get 10 Wiggle Weeds
Harvest 40 Jack O’ Lanterns
Master Spiny Monster to 1-Star

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  • sgakaz

    No.4 is 50 zombies not garlic which takes 3days!!!