FarmVille Lights And Snow

By | December 10, 2009

Farmville Lights. New feature on farmville, christmas lights.


What does the christmas lights do in farmville ? How does farmville lights works ?
The new Lights Feature will allow you to decorate most pre-existing Buildings and items with lights and snow.

There are two ways to purchase the Lights feature:
Lights Decorator for Single Items – 2 FV Cash for each item. Enables lights/snow function for only a single item.
Upon initial purchase, your cursor will turn into a pink light bulb, every building and item that is eligible to be decorated with snow/lights will be highlighted in pink.
Each item you click will apply lights and will deduct 2 FV Cash.
If an item that had lights enabled is sold, you will be credited for this light and a new building or item can be lit in its place at no cost.

Unlimited Lights – 30 FV Cash. Enables lights function for all applicable items.


And you can also turn off / on the lights 🙂 so it will be back without any lights and snow on it.

When you turn off the lights you will see this pink light icon on the left
Click it and you will see the christmas light + snow again on the items 😀

The lights will be available all year long. If you wish to have buildings with lights in July, so be it.

Here’s the list of items and building that you can put lights and snow on it:
Fence (all colors and wooden)
Cottage Black
Cottage Pink
Farm House
Green House
Japanese Pagoda
Japanese Tea House
Log Cabin
Manor Black
Manor Blue
Manor Pink
Weathered Barn
Groovy Barn
Black Barn
Blue Barn
Red Barn
Pink Barn
White Barn
Tool Shed
Pink Tool Shed

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  • mariepaule lavallee

    can you fix my problem i have lots of gardening done in my farmville and i cant log into it when i wants too can you fix this please i realy like this game …..please

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  • jode

    Can you help me please i cant join any co-op jobs for some reason its telling me that the job is full, HELP PLEASE